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Peekabook House is a budding young organization. There are many obstacles ahead . We need you support to make Peekabook a sustainable organization to continuously server children in ordinary Chinese community to live a healthier life by bringing books and happiness to their daily life.


Why donate to us?

As globalization take place , the world is getting smaller and smaller.We are becoming citizen of the world, not just of a specific country .The next generation of children will undoubtedly be living a more transnational life than ever.Because of this situation, a place like Peekabook is  very much needed for children in both China and Us to become more culturally aware and accepting.
Don’t you remember a good book you read in childhood that touched you later on ? Don’t you remember a good book you read in youth that shaped you career ?A good book can light up one’s life .Children can learn to make the best friend of their lifetime at Peekabook.
If you are in Beijing, by making a donation to us , you are helping to build things that your children can use and enjoy immediately. If you are abroad , your children will be building bridges and becoming connected from one continent to another.


Don’t you want to make a “positive impact” to society ?Do you wan to help the children in China live a healthy life by building strong minds?Opening a page of Peekabook is like opening a window in life. Supporting Peekabook is an opportunity to do exactly what you have always wanted-making a positive influence for generations to come.


Different level of support will be acknowledge differently. For donations more than $100, we will recognize your donation in our library, on our website and our monthly journal , unless you choose otherwise. We can recognize your donation in your name or you child’s name , or in nay name as you specified. Furthermore, supporting Peekabook immediately makes you a friend of us, who works for Peekabook.