We are relocated to China from Canada for job reason. Among many challenges we have to face after the moving, we found the toughest is to feed out 10-yr-old daughters appetite in reading. Our daughter is a quick reader but knows very little Chinese. It is impossible to bring those heavy books from abroad . We are so glad we found Peekabook. Our daughter can easily spend hours there reading!
We just hope Peeka can replenish its books more quickly!Otherwise soon we’ ll need to face the book shortage for our daughter again.

-Wendy’s mom

Daniel Fang is a 10 years old boy who was born in US and came from California last summer like most of returnees’ kids.He joined the summer camp and he really loved it.
I want Daniel to go to Peekabook more often because I want him to read more English books , as i worried about his English might get worse although his Chinese has been improved dramatically. Peekabook is one of the rare place he can access lots of English books.

-Daniel’s mom

We took our daughter(Gao Yangyang)to Beijing two years ago.And the best thing we can hope for her just happened in Peeka.First of all, she started a habit of reading every day. Each week we borrow four books from peeka, and each book is read again and again .She just loves those stories . Second,she become good at crafting. In peeka’s crafting time , she started to be around them for the first time and quickly became quite skilled!It even influenced me to start crafting with her!Third , the colorful books really impressed us. The picture in English books are more vivid and with much brighter colors than local books,to say nothing of those pop-up pictures!

-Gao Yangyang’s mom

Mengcheng and Mengzhen love to go to Peekabook all the time because it is a fun reading place. They enjoyed book reading time and they think that it its like a game time. Now the twins won;t go to sleep without reading a book everyday.

-Mengcheng Mengzhen mom