What we do


     Peekabook not only offers library service, but also has class training , consulting and varieties of children activities . here are the highlights:
-Library service and reading guidance Mon-Sat 9:30-8:30
-Story telling time in English and Chinese, art crafting once a day 
-English singing and dancing, English reading game and reading class once a week
-Other seasonal activities: culture exchange seminar, summer camp , winter camp, holiday event and birthday party.


     Our goal is to enrich the culture exposure of local children, and to add enjoyable elements into their precious childhood. We are thriving to do everything to achieve our mission

-Peekabook supplies good varieties of fun books for children. We try out best to let them to discover their own interest from their books . Reading books at en early age will benefit their future.

-Peekabook serves as a bridge between eastern and western culture. We host several holiday events such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas during the year, Chinese parents and children could know western culture better and at the same time they enjoy these celebration events.

-Peekabook contributes to community harmony. We went out to community and did story telling for children in the local community. we also donated books to children at blind schools and in the poor countryside. Peeka book is a place to show our love to  children and do volunteer work for out society。